Ironhack’s Prework: Johanna Zerbib_Challenge 1 : City mapper.

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Citymapper is a mobile application for urban travel and route planning created in 2011. The application makes it possible to calculate, in real time, the routes of public transport users, by combining several modes of transport (trains, metro, bus, cars, bicycle, VTC, on foot, etc.). It takes into account both public transport networks, taxi or VTC rentals, such as self-service rental networks, from scooters to bicycles.
The application covers around 40 cities around the world.

Despite the fact that this application is useful for finding your bearings when you want to know your journey, on a daily basis or abroad, it doesn’t make it easier for us to buy tickets. There is a multiplication of tickets and the cost can quickly rise.

In order to optimize the application and solve this problem, I inquired about the application in question; how does it work, who is it for, who are its competitors, what is the look and feel ? Once the environment identified, I prepared an interview and interviewed several people with more or less different profiles but who have the common point of regularly using transport, in France and abroad.

Following these interviews, several points were raised about the problems encountered when traveling abroad:
- Where buy tickets: Indeed, we don’t always know where to go to buy transport tickets, the places are varied depending on the kind of transport. They can also be located far from where we are … in short, not very practical and this is a waste of time, which we do not want when we travel and want to enjoy our holidays !
- The cost : Not being from the region we are visiting, it’s difficult to get a fair idea of ​​the price. Who has never paid much more for a taxi ride as a tourist ?
- The Language: Not always easy to find your way around in a country that doesn’t have the same language or the same codes that we are used to.

These problems have highlighted the expected needs: the application must make it possible to simplify the purchase of transport tickets or booking taxis, it must also be intuitive and easy to use. The application can also improve the suggested routes by adding a filter that allows them to be placed in ascending order either by price or by travel time.

To respond effectively to these needs, it would be interesting to integrate directly into the application the possibility of paying for transport tickets and keeping them in only one same place: by registering your credit card into the application, all that’s left is to easily pay for the tickets of the chosen route. For public transport such as bus, train, metro or even boat, all you have to do is showing your QR code to certified your payment. Regarding VTC trips, it will be possible to order it directly via the application, a bit like on UBER.

Citymapper will quickly become a staple when you go on vacation, drastically reducing the time wasted waiting in line to buy tickets, but also looking for where to find them. It also saves money by highlighting the most affordable way.

my prototype

To carry out this exercise, applying “Design Thinking” allowed me to refocus on the essentials and to visualize more concretely the solutions that it was possible to bring to each problem.
It was also very interesting to interview several people: each have their own vision and have different ages and profiles, but expectations often overlap. This allowed me not to spread myself and to try to come up with a clear and intuitive answer, so that it could be suitable for everyone.
I also find it very important to draw prototypes because it allows us to organize the ideas that we have in mind and to concretize our ideas to improve them.

For my part, I found this first exercise very interesting and exciting, can’t wait for the rest.

Thanks for reading me and don’t hesitate to leave a little comment!




UX/UI Designer

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Johanna Zerbib

Johanna Zerbib

UX/UI Designer

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